A smart ring that tells women to solve bad moods by monitoring sleep and menstruation

California-based Movano has developed a ring-shaped wearable that’s also certified as a medical device, as it will monitor the wearer’s menstrual cycles, sleep patterns, and other vital statistics in an effort to help women learn how to feel their best mood.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the company said, “This innovation will provide women with reliable and personalized insights that can help them connect cause and effect, so that they can better understand the reason behind how they feel.”

The aluminum ring, which is available in pink, gold or silver, is also due to hit the market later this year and costs just under £250, and will be unveiled in time for the public at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. this week.

Called the Evie, the ring is the first smart ring designed specifically for women, and besides monitoring heart rate, breathing rate, and skin temperature, it will also track ovulation, menstruation, and PMS symptoms.

The technology also claims to be able to use this vital data, which also indicates low blood oxygen levels and sleep patterns, to track a user’s mood.

The smartphone app will then analyze this information while providing the user with “personalized insights” on how to change their lifestyle. Movano is currently trying to get approval from the US Food and Drug Administration to make it the first consumer wearable that’s also a medical device.

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