A special pavilion for Fustat’s projects at The Heritage Exhibition 2022

Nevin Gamea, CEO of the Medium, Small and Micro Enterprise Development Agency, announced the allocation of a distinguished pavilion for the Fustat pottery development initiative at the Our Heritage 2022 exhibition, which is being held under the patronage of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and its activities are scheduled to start on Sunday, October 9 and will continue until October 15, in order to allow the presentation of the exhibition. The products of the owners of pottery projects after their development through the device, which contributes to the promotion of this ancient heritage art that has characterized Egypt since Pharaonic times, as well as to open greater marketing horizons for the owners of this craft, which is reflected in the growth of activity in the productive assembly.

Jameh indicated that the agency implemented an initiative to develop Fustat pottery based on the state’s directives, as multiple visits were organized to the pot-workers village in Fustat to identify the problems and obstacles it faces, and to provide various aspects of financial and non-financial support to the owners of projects of this important heritage craft to work on transforming it into a developed industry. Regular and regular product development, setting standards for their quality, providing easy financing to raise productivity and raising awareness of e-marketing for the products of these projects in cooperation with major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon Egypt and Jumia, providing business development consultancy, as well as raising awareness of the new project development law and the facilities it contains to reconcile the conditions of projects operating in the informal sector to facilitate Benefit from the advantages and incentives provided by law, especially the benefits of simplified fixed taxes, and participation in exhibitions.

Dr. Raafat Abbas, head of the central sector for non-financial services in the agency, indicated that the business development unit has provided its various development services to project owners in the pottery gathering in Fustat, where 195 services were provided to 35 clients, in addition to the agency preparing an electronic catalog of village products that includes about 26 clients with a number of about 100 products, to work on marketing them internally and externally through e-commerce platforms.

Abbas also explained that the services that are provided in coordination with the concerned authorities aim to develop pottery crafts in the village of Al-Fawakhir in the Fustat area and solve the administrative problems faced by the owners of the projects. And registering that mark to ensure the quality of the products and open wider marketing horizons for those heritage products.

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