A study predicts the fate of glaciers by the year 2100.. Learn the details

A new scientific study has concluded that two-thirds of the world’s glaciers are on their way to disappearing by the end of the century (2100) under current climate change trends.

The study, published today in the journal “Science”, analyzed all the 215,000 glaciers in the world, according to the RT report.

The study expected that these rivers are melting faster than scientists thought, but how quickly they melt depends on how much the planet is warming, explaining that it is no longer possible to move to save many small glaciers, because it is already too late.

As the new study predicts, global warming will cause between 38 and 64 trillion metric tons of ice to melt between now and the end of the century, adding 3.5 to 6.5 inches to sea levels.

It is worth noting that scientists expect the Arctic Ocean to lose its ice shield in the summer months, and this will happen in the next ten years, according to a report on the state of the ice environment published by a team of scientists on the eve of the 27th United Nations Conference on Climate Change.

Specialists believe that the rapid disappearance of ice will lead to an acceleration of global warming, as the Arctic Ocean free of ice will begin to absorb heat.

The Arctic region is now warming 4 times faster than other regions of the world, and record heat waves coming from Antarctica could cause catastrophic consequences for the Earth’s coastal regions.

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