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A thunderstorm hits Alexandria and heavy rains across the governorate

Alexandria Governorate is witnessing Thunder rain Heavy from the first hours of the day on all parts of the governorate in the thunderstorm that I warned about Meteorological Authority over a number of provinces.

For his part, Major General Muhammad al-Sharif, Governor of Alexandria, stressed the heads of neighborhoods and all executive agencies concerned with the field presence around the clock to follow up on the repercussions of the current crisis, and to monitor any emergency cases for immediate action in order to avoid any problems in any area as a result of the rain, and to ensure that traffic flow is achieved in all streets. Alexandria.

And the governor stressed the continuation of raising the degree of preparedness and emergency in all service and vital sectors in the governorate, to deal with the forecasts of the Meteorological Authority, which reported that the governorate would be exposed to chances of medium-intensity fall, which may be heavy and thunderous at times, with an incidence rate of (60%).

He explained that the governorate’s operations room continues to convene permanently and continuously, in order to deal with any emergency crisis, as the room receives all citizens’ complaints about rainwater accumulations..

The Alexandria Governorate calls on citizens to exercise caution, and to report to the numbers of emergency rooms and hotlines to receive communications from citizens in Alexandria Governorate. :

The governorate’s 24-hour operations room for emergency and urgent complaints: on the landline hotline 114, the sanitation company hotline 175, and the drinking water company hotline 125.

While Major General Mahmoud Nafeh, head of the Sanitary Sewerage Company in Alexandria, confirmed that the purification work for the sewers, the network and the stations does not stop throughout the day according to the periodic purification plan. Obstruction of water flow in some areas. In addition to the burden faced by the sewage network in unpaved areas, which requires a double effort to purify the matches .

He stressed the company’s keenness to improve the level of sanitation service in Alexandria and to provide it in the way that citizens expect and deserve, and that once the rains end, rain pools are monitored and work is done to find quick and radical solutions to reduce the negative effects of heavy rains on the governorate..

He pointed out that the company is preparing 24 hours before the start of the nucleus, immediately after receiving a warning from the Meteorological Authority, with the spread of 102 cars, 22 exchanges from the sanitation company, 20 cars from the neighborhoods, and 8 exchanges from the drinking water company throughout the day until the situation stabilizes..

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