A torn body in honor of a trocycle.. Crime secrets in the desert of October

11:29 PM

Monday 19 September 2022

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

A daily trip that shares the duties of a garbage collector. Shuttle tours spent by the duo between the streets of 6th of October City in search of a halal livelihood through a motorcycle driven by one of them until one of them gets greedy and plans to steal that vehicle and take advantage of its price in the hope of a better tomorrow. He thought for a while that he was about to commit a perfect crime, but he is the underworld who will still prove that “there is no perfect crime.”

In the middle of last week, in the middle of the city’s desert bordering a yellow sand-colored backyard, policemen found the torn body of a fully clothed young man lying on the side of the road in a weep of blood that had not yet dried.

A security force moved to the location of the communication under the supervision of Major General Abdel Aziz Selim, Director of Giza Investigations. It was found that the body of an unidentified young man did not have any identification papers in his possession, and the body was kept at the disposal of the Public Prosecution.

A search trip was conducted by members of a research team led by Major General Alaa Fathi, Deputy Director of Giza Investigations, with the participation of Colonel Amr Hegazy, October Inspector, to determine the identity of the victim and the speed of arrest of the perpetrator.

The officers did not leave the crime scene, so they checked the itinerary and possible escape of the offender. One of the officers took over the tasks of unloading the surveillance cameras on the roads leading to the place where the body was found, while he started the latest modern technical work related to communications to monitor any calls that took place in that area coinciding with the commission of the crime.

Inside the First October Police Department, Lt. Col. Mustafa Kemal, Chief of Investigations of the First October Police Department, began reviewing reports of absenteeism in the surrounding departments and publishing the descriptions of the dead man, hoping to identify his identity and go a long way in the task of uncovering the mystery crime.

Day after day, the truth began to unfold. It turned out that the victim was a garbage collector, resident of Kerdasa Center, working on a “trocycle”, indicating that theft was the motive for the crime.

The investigations of the two majors, Muhammad Al-Saidi and Ibrahim Hassan, the detective’s assistants, found that the victim and his colleague were accused of being accused. Upon presentation to Major General Abdel Aziz Selim, he was quickly arrested and arrested after legalizing the procedures.

A failed evasion through which the perpetrator tried to evade a known fate, “Tablet Ashmawy”, but confronting him with evidence and investigations threw his dreams to the winds so that he confessed to his crime, “I killed him to take the wheel and sell it.. the devil made me kill my friend” and it was possible to return the bike before selling it.

A week of investigations and missions was crowned with success and the case that the October detectives worked to decipher over the past seven days and took the accused’s force to the prosecution and then to conduct a representative examination of his crime, pending his referral to the urgent criminal trial.

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