A twenty-year-old girl accidentally kills her father on the air

The Egyptian street was horrified by a strange incident, after a live broadcast of a girl killed her father. The story began with the appearance of Reham Mohamed, a makeup artist, in a live broadcast on Facebook, in which she complained about one of her friends who accused her of treachery.

Reham said: “A friend of hers suggested that she intervene to solve a problem between her and her fiancé, but this girl, a friend of Reham, betrayed her,” according to (The Serbs of the Watan).

While other media reports said that Reham had refused her friend’s brother’s request to be associated with her, he accompanied his sister to a mutilation operation against and harassment of Reham, and while the events were proceeding in this calm manner, things quickly deteriorated, when Reham noticed strange movements outside the house. , where Reham looked at the matter from the window of the house, and found a group of men storming her house.

Reham returned to the live broadcast again, and started screaming hysterically in an attempt to rescue her, and demanded that they call the police, then the image of the live broadcast disappeared, and there was complete darkness with loud voices bearing threatening tones and a demand for silence, then the broadcast was interrupted.

And then there was a terrifying development in the events, when Reham wrote a post on her account on (Facebook), saying that the brothers of her friend, whom she was talking about, killed her father and that they took her phone, and deleted everything on it.

Reham asked all her followers to save the video to reach her father’s right, which was responded to by a large number of activists, while it was already noted that all the content broadcast by Reham had disappeared.

And the official version was issued by the Ministry of the Interior, where it issued a statement revealing the circumstances of the circulation of the video clip, which shows one of the girls while she was doing a live broadcast, and her distress from the attempt of some people to break into her family’s home located in the Buhaira governorate, due to differences between them, and the death of her father.

The statement said: “Through examination and inference, it was found that a report was received by the Idku Police Station in Al-Buhaira, from one of the hospitals, that the father of the girl referred to was deceased.

The statement referred to the statement of the victim’s wife, that he was suffering from heart disease, and a verbal altercation occurred between him and a person because he wanted to propose to their daughter, who appeared in the video, and her father refused.

During the argument, her husband fell unconscious on the street, and died when he was taken to the hospital, and she accused the aforementioned of causing her husband’s death.

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