A video of his daughter crying for help..A father breathes after a quarrel with the preacher!

After the spread of a video of a girl crying out in a live broadcast on Facebook, after someone attacked her home in Beheira Governorate, Egypt, the Egyptian Ministry of Interior revealed new details.

The ministry made it clear through a statement on its Facebook account that the girl’s father had arrived at a hospital and had passed away.

The sermon turned into a consolation

She added that family disputes erupted between a young man who came to the house of the deceased in order to betroth his daughter, and things developed between the two parties after the father refused to marry her.

While the wife of the late confirmed during the investigations that the deceased was suffering from heart diseases, noting that the development of the dispute between him and the young man greatly tired him, so he fell unconscious on the ground in the street.

The wife also accused Al-Khatib of killing her husband.

Egyptian Ministry of Interior statement

The accused denies

It is reported that Idku Police Station in Al Buhaira confirmed that the medical examination of the body showed that there were no apparent injuries.

He also indicated that the deceased was suffering from diseases, stressing that the death came as a result of his illness without the intervention of the supposed “Khatib”.

It is noteworthy that the young woman’s video sparked widespread controversy on social media, amid calls to help the girl in distress, until the authorities intervened.

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