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A young man fell from the 21st floor in Alexandria… and his family reveals the details

10:38 PM

Thursday 27 October 2022

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

Today, Thursday, the Montazah Prosecution Office in Alexandria began an investigation into the death of a young man who fell from the 21st floor of the highest property on El-Esawy Street in the Sidi Bishr area, east of Alexandria.

The Public Prosecution ordered the investigations of the investigations to be urgently conducted to determine whether there was a criminal suspicion about the accident, while the family of the deceased indicated that he was suffering from a mental illness.

Major General Khaled Al-Barawi, Assistant Minister and Director of Alexandria Security, received a notification from the first Montazah Police Department, stating that a young man had fallen from the top of a property on El-Esawy Street in the Sidi Bishr area of ​​the department.

The officers of the department’s investigation unit accompanied the ambulance to the location of the communication, and the examination revealed the presence of the body of “H”, 27 years old, a worker, in a “dry clean” laundry lying on the street floor after he fell from the 21st floor of the aforementioned property.

By asking his family, they explained that the aforementioned suffers from a mental illness and was previously treated, and that he was oblivious to them and climbed on the roof of the property and threw himself into the street as a lifeless body, and they did not accuse anyone of causing his death.

The corpse was transferred to the Kom El-Dikka morgue, and a report was issued about the incident in the first Montazah Police Department, and the Public Prosecution began the investigation.

It is noteworthy that the state is working to provide support to psychiatric patients through more than one hotline to help those who have psychological problems or a desire to commit suicide, most notably the hotline of the General Secretariat of Mental Health, at the Ministry of Health and Population, to receive psychological inquiries and psychological support, and support those wishing to commit suicide, from Through 08008880700, 0220816831, all day.

The National Council for Mental Health has also designated a hotline for psychological inquiries 20818102. The Egyptian Dar Al-Iftaa stressed that suicide is a major sin and a crime against oneself and Sharia, and the suicide is not an infidel, and the guilt of this crime should not be underestimated, as well as the lack of justification and the creation of a state of sympathy with this Rather, it is treated as a mental illness that can be treated by specialists.

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