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Abdullah Rushdi: The death of the wife of the Egyptian preacher reopens the file of “medical errors” in Egypt

Abdullah Rushdi

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Abdullah Rushdi

The name of the Egyptian preacher, Abdullah Rushdi, has topped social media in the past few days after he accused a private hospital in Egypt of causing the death of his wife.

Rushdi accused a hospital in the Fifth Settlement, Cairo, of committing a medical error that led to his 35-year-old wife entering a critical condition, and her heart stopped, indicating in his communication that she was placed on life support until she passed away within hours.

Rushdie mourned through his Twitter account, his wife, saying: “I moved to the mercy of God Almighty, my beloved wife, after ten years that lasted 15 years, in which she was the loving wife and loyal companion on the path.

hospital response

The director of Nasaem Hospital in Egypt, Mustafa Shukri, commented on the death of the wife of the preacher, Sheikh Abdullah Rushdi, after accusing him of causing her death.

The director of the hospital said that the wife of the deceased preacher was suffering from a gynecological problem that required special surgery, and she underwent the operation at the hands of a private doctor, with whom she was following up her health condition outside the hospital.

The director of the hospital explained, in televised statements, that the doctor in the case referred the patient to the hospital to perform the operation in one of our operating rooms, stressing that the cause of death was medical and could not be disclosed in the media in order to preserve the patient’s privacy.

The director of Nasaem Hospital demanded that accusations not be thrown without material evidence, saying: “A doctor, hospital, or anyone cannot be accused because the accused is innocent until proven guilty, and what is happening against us is unacceptable defamation.”

The director of Nasaem Hospital added: “Sheikh Abdullah Rushdi used to bring many doctors from outside to review the procedures in order to be assured that the procedures are correct, and none of them said that we had a mistake in the hospital or intensive care, and we dealt with the case with the utmost humanity.”

And the director of Nasaem Hospital added: “We dealt with the case with the utmost humanity, and we did not ask him for money, not once. We spent him without hesitation or disrupting any procedure throughout the period, and we did not ask him for a pound, and the doctor in charge of the case did not share the expenses with the hospital.

And he continued: “This is the whole hospital shell, and she is the one who took charge of the matter from the beginning, and this is because of the humanitarian situation, and our concern was for the case to look good from care in order to look for her family, her family and her children, but unfortunately the destiny of our Lord and no one can prevent him, but we made every effort and did not put on him the burden of a claim Pure money during this period of residence, and we always told him not to think about money, and he testifies to that, and I told him not to think about money, and when our Lord honors her, we keep talking.

Ahmed Mahran, the lawyer for preacher Abdullah Rushdi, said that he and his client refrained from making any statements about the death of the famous preacher’s wife, explaining: “We did not accuse the hospital of any accusation regarding causing the death of my client’s wife, and we did not make any statements.”

Mahran added, during a telephone conversation with the media, Basma Wahba, the presenter of the “90 Minutes” program, on Al-Mehwar channel, “We accused the hospital and its management in an official communication of causing the death of Abdullah Rushdi’s wife, and we will reveal the truth soon, because the hospital is the one who caused her death, and 90% of the death. The statements of the hospital director are incorrect.

And Ahmed Mahran continued: “The director of the hospital admitted that there was a mistake, and I thank him for that. He was the one who started talking about the case without accusing him of anything, just as the hospital refused to give us the videos related to the case, but we have evidence that we will present at the appropriate time, and the hospital admitted and confirmed that He bears responsibility for the deterioration of the condition and will continue to provide care for her, and the hospital prevented us from receiving the body in the morning, but we received the body after that, without paying the costs of treatment, and the director told me that the employee was the reason behind delaying receiving the body.

He pointed out that the hospital issued a report 20 days ago stating that the patient’s family had refused to pay the hospital’s expenses: “We did not know that they were filing a report, but at the time of death we knew that. So, if they did not want money, as the hospital director says, why did they file a report?”

Abdullah Rushdi

Hours ago, the Egyptian preacher published a video of him on YouTube, saying: “Many people asked me to talk about the incident of what happened with my wife and the gross medical negligence that caused her death.”

He explained that he would not have talked about what happened had it not been for the director of the hospital, speaking about the incident, adding: “And I thought that whoever made a mistake would fix it, and he would make me feel comfortable coming and apologizing, asking to sit with us, offer condolences, and know our requests, and we were not going to ask for anything.” Thing”.

He stressed, “The negligent must be punished, and whoever caused the death of my wife and deprived my children of their mother must be punished.”

He indicated that he had taken legal measures, and others that would be implemented during the coming period, in order to restore his wife’s right.

And he continued: “Whoever makes a mistake must be punished, and whoever speaks from the hospital about the incident unjustly must be punished. Tomorrow, my lawyer will come with me so that we seek by all legitimate legal means to prove my wife’s right, and the right of my wife will be returned.”

Social Media

Returning to social media, the death of the wife of the Egyptian preacher Abdullah Rushdi reopened the file of medical errors in Egyptian hospitals.

Ahmed Saleh said: “May God have mercy on her, and this is God’s judgment and destiny, but this does not prevent him from taking the reasons, especially since the cause of death was a medical error, and the condition and operation were simple, not complicated.

And the pioneers of social networking interacted with the image of the preacher Rushdi with his late wife, which he published through his official account on Twitter.

The intellectual disagreement did not prevent many from consoling the Egyptian preacher Abdullah Rushdi.

Sameh Asaker said: “I offer condolences on the death of Sheikh Abdullah Rushdi’s wife. Our disagreement was and will remain intellectual, but human duties are always provided, and may God have mercy on the deceased and make her illness in the balance of her good deeds, Lord.”

Tweeters criticized Rushdie’s previous and controversial statements about death and mercy.

Hani Bakhit said: “You saw, Abdullah Rushdie, there is no Christian or atheist who rejoiced in the death of your wife, as you did in the death of Nawal Al-Saadawi, Sayed Al-Qamni, and many others. Do you know why? Because people’s disagreement with you is intellectual, and your disagreement with people different from you is human. I hope this is a lesson for you You learn from him what humanity means, a thousand mercy on your wife, and may God be with your children.”

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