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“Adooli” .. The death of Rania, nicknamed “Bride of Alexandria”, ignites sites

10:15 PM

Tuesday 08 November 2022

Books – Muhammad Al-Badri:

“It’s all hours and children.. Pray, may God keep me safe and bless me with a healthy and healthy child, God willing.”.. A message left by Rania Qassem, the young bride, asking for her friends’ prayers without knowing that they would be her last words; So that the news of her death fell like a thunderbolt to the ears of her fans, announcing the end of a story nicknamed on social media pages as “The Bride of Alexandria”.

The sudden death of “Rania” shocked her friends; Those close to the “Bride of Alexandria” suddenly announced the news of her death hours after her publication in which she asked for supplication before her birth, without revealing the fate of her first child, which friends’ publications indicated was a male; On her page, it was revealed that she has only been married for a year and 3 months.

Khuloud Wahba, a friend of Rania, was the first to announce the news of her death, saying, “Rania Qassem, our friend, died together. May God have mercy on you, Lord, and compensate your youth and give patience to your family. Oh God, Amen. I pray for her with mercy.”

Words of lamentation and condolences poured out on the page of young Rania Qassem; on the social networking site Facebook; Amidst comments that reflected the impact of her sudden departure, which burned the hearts of many, the story became widely circulated on social media pages.

While “Hajar Ramadan”, one of Rania’s friends, wrote on her personal page that she performed the rituals of Umrah on the soul of her late friend; And her publication stated, “The first umrah that I did for you, Rania, my love of my heart; the news of a death that shocked everyone. With the news of your death, O Rania, the conquest of my heart is upon you, in Paradise, O bride of Paradise.”

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