“Afsha’s new alternative” .. Al-Ahly deal shakes the throne of the Egyptian League and high skills for the Red Genie professional

Al-Ahly settles on the replacement of Muhammad Afsha next season, as the football apparatus in the Al-Ahly club has identified some alternatives in order to provide an alternative for the great player Muhammad Magdy Qafsha in the next season; Where there is communication between the Al-Ahly club’s planning committee with the technical staff under the leadership of Marcel Koehler to provide some distinctive elements in each position so that the red team can compete for all world championships and always occupy the lead.

Al-Ahly’s new deal raises controversy

Where the Al-Ahly football team contracted the new Brazilian duo “Bruno Savio”, who moved to Al-Ahly Club, as well as Mustafa Saad Messi, to play in the 10th position during the new season.

The Planning Committee proposed to the coach to employ the Brazilian Bruno Savio in the center of the wing and under the spearhead, through the previous videos of the player through previous experiences, before he moved to Al-Ahly Club.

As for the player Mustafa Saad, Messi plays distinctly on the right wing and under the spearhead; He could be placed in this position in the event that there is a strong competition for the winger position during the next season.

Al-Ahly club coach Marcel Koller did not agree to contract with the player Fayez Soleimani, the player of the Comoros national team, during the summer transfer period, which is taking place at the present time, due to the lack of stability in the player’s level during the last period after he participated in the Belgian League, and therefore refused to contract with this player and prevented The second foreign deal to Al-Ahly club.

He made a request to disregard the transfer of the Colombian player of the Atletico Nacional team, Gerlan, during this season, as the coach of Al-Ahly club seeks to obtain distinguished players in the recent period so that he joins Al-Ahly club to prove his presence in this season with the red team.

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