After 8 years.. Ahmed Al-Fishawy admits his son: He has become big and strong

Over the past few hours, social networking sites in Egypt have been buzzing with questions about a photo he posted Artist Ahmed El-Fishawy Through his own account on the “Instagram” site, he commented on it, saying that it is a picture of his son, expressing his happiness at achieving a sporting victory.

Al-Fishawy commented on the photo, saying: “My son has become big and strong, and has achieved a victory in the sport of karate .. He continued to advance to launch,” which opened the door to the comments of his followers, some of whom asked, “How long has he had a son?”, While some talked about an old story. She confirms that he has a son from a German woman, who was previously revealed by his daughter Lina, and others commented, saying: “I finally recognized him.”

Proof of parentage

A German woman named Dennis Wellman had filed a lawsuit two years ago against Ahmed Al-Fishawy, during which she demanded proof of the lineage of her child to him, called Titus, after the artist refused to do so.

In the year 2020, Egyptian lawyer Shaaban Saeed revealed the details of the case he filed against Al-Fishawy, on behalf of the German woman who asked him to take over the case, after he had previously defended the ex-wife of the young artist Hind Al-Hinnawi and her daughter Lina.

A case that occupied public opinion

Saeed explained at the time that the child, who was then 8 years old, had communicated with his sister Lina some time ago, after his German mother had been searching for her until she got to know her brother.

It is noteworthy that Lina al-Fishawi was proven attributable to the Egyptian artist after a struggle in the judiciary that occupied the Egyptian public opinion at the time, between the latter and his ex-wife Hind al-Hinnawi in 2005.

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