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After being accused of defaming an Iraqi woman, an Egyptian preacher accuses a famous hospital of causing his wife’s death

In a new incident, free Egyptian preacher Abdullah Rushdie A report accusing a famous hospital in New Cairo and one of the doctors of negligence and causing the death of his wife, due to a medical error.

The story began with the Fifth Settlement Police Department receiving a communication from the Islamic preacher, accusing a famous hospital of causing the death of his 35-year-old wife due to a medical error, after she was ill and admitted to the hospital.

The Million Pound Story

Rushdi said through his account on the short tweets site “Twitter”: “I moved to the mercy of God Almighty, my beloved wife, after ten years that lasted 15 years, in which she was the loving wife and a loyal companion on the path. “.

A source close to Rushdie revealed, according to local reports, some details about his wife’s condition and what the hospital requested, saying: “His wife has been on the devices for five months, and yesterday the hospital asked him for an imaginary amount as the costs of the last period, as they asked for nearly a million pounds,” pointing out that the preacher asked The hospital provided a medical report of his condition, but they refused to give it to him.

Rushdie accuses the hospital of committing a medical error while anesthetizing her and preparing her for the surgery, which caused his wife’s death, and that an overdose of anesthesia led to kidney failure and heart failure,” according to one of his close friends.

Controversial preacher

It is noteworthy that the preacher Abdullah Rushdi raises a lot of controversy with his views, and investigations are still continuing to accuse him of bThe indecent assault of an Iraqi woman Her name is Jihan Sadiq Jaafar.

The investigative authorities are also considering a lawsuit to dismiss him and suspend him from his work in the Ministry of Endowments, ban his pages on communication sites for use in advocacy without a license, and exploit them in oral marriage of girls.

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