After his remarkable brilliance, the Spanish giant requests a contract with the “star of the Egyptian national team” for 8 million euros

Media reports indicated that there is a great interest on the part of several English clubs in obtaining the services of the Egyptian national team player and striker during the upcoming summer transfer market, and this is after the player presented an outstanding level with his team during the current season’s competitions, whether in the French League or the European League. This has attracted the attention of several European clubs during the last period.

Offers are falling on Mustafa Mohamed

Some media sources revealed that Mostafa Mohamed, the player of the French club Nantes, has entered the interest of some European clubs, and there is a Spanish club that has already submitted an offer to obtain “Mustafa” services in the next winter Mercato for about 7 million euros, but Nantes rejected the matter in form. And guaranteed, and stressed that it is impossible to give up the main striker of the team in the middle of the season.

According to reports, the club interested in Mustafa Mohamed’s services is one of the big clubs in the Spanish League, and it is sure to try again next summer.

A fiery draw for Mustafa Mohamed in the Europa League

It is worth noting that the European League draw drew the French club Nantes in a fiery draw against Juventus in the framework of the 16th round of the Europa League, which witnessed other major confrontations as well, such as the Barcelona group against Manchester United.

Mustafa Mohamed had participated in 21 matches with his French club Nantes at the level of all tournaments, during which the anaconda managed to score 6 goals and make 3 others until this moment.

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