After insisting on the challenge, he witnessed the expulsion of Mohamed Ramadan from a cafe in Alexandria

After insisting on defying the campaign demanding the cancellation of his concert and announcing his visit to Alexandria Governorate without guards, he was exposed to artist mohamed ramadan An embarrassing situation after he was expelled from a café in the Ibrahimiya district of the governorate, whose children are still apparently determined to “You are not welcome” campaign.

Ramadan began his visit to Alexandria in his car amid an organized crowd of motorbikes, and then he entered a cafe until a quarrel and violent quarrels erupted, forcing “Number One” to withdraw quickly, according to the clip spread on “Social Media”.

A number of social media pioneers titled the circulating video, “Mohamed Ramadan’s expulsion from Rihani coffee in Ibrahimiya.”

Ramadan commented on the video that he has the right to respond to the false websites, to make it clear that the café is called “Wali” and not “Al-Rihani” as the news claimed, thanking its owners for hosting it.

He indicated that he entered the café to drink tea, and when an abnormal crowding occurred, he decided to leave so as not to cause chaos inside the café, and then went to a hotel and the audience followed him.

Ramadan expressed his astonishment at the news that was circulated, and how there would be a raid by such a large number of the cafe, to attack the sites that promoted such news.

Former Governor Challenge

The Egyptian artist’s decision to visit Alexandria came after he posted a video clip on his official account on “Facebook”, in which he announced that the former governor of Sharkia supports the campaign calling for the cancellation of his concert.

This is what Ramadan used with news of this, based on a tweet by the former governor of Sharkia, Reda Abdel Salam. Ramadan commented: “The former governor of Sharkia supports the Alexandria campaign, which does not welcome you, Muhammad, Ramadan. The Egyptian official newspapers support the Alexandria campaign, which does not welcome you, oh Muhammad, Ramadan.

70% of concert tickets sold out.

Ramadan then indicated that the company organizing the concert sold nearly 70% of the concert tickets, despite the fact that 17 days remained until it was scheduled, which is a very large period.

The organizer of the ceremony in Alexandria Governorate issued a press statement yesterday, Wednesday, announcing the start of legal procedures to prosecute fake accounts and pages and rumor mongers on social media.

No more rumors

The organizer of the ceremony said in a press statement, that it had begun to take its legal measures against these fake pages and rumor mongers to cancel the Ramadan party in Alexandria, and to submit an official report against it to the government agencies concerned with the Internet, as well as a report to the Attorney General.

She added that the promoters of these false rumors are launching them to collect a lot of views and interactions for their pages in order to profit from spreading these fake and false news.

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