After news of his Alzheimer’s disease, the acting professions resolve the controversy over the death of the leader, Adel Imam

Rumors of death have been chasing leader Adel Imam recently, after it spread widely among activists on social media, with its carriers asking to pray for him and his family, without any confirmation from the family of the mighty artist, and that is what happened during the past few hours of today, Sunday, corresponding to for the date of October 30, 2022.

The truth about the death of the artist, Adel Imam

In a phone call, within a few hours, a member of the Board of Directors of the Representative Professions Syndicate, artist Mounir Makram, confirmed in press statements to him that the news that spread about leader Adel Imam is a rumor, and he also stressed in his speech that the leader is fine and in good health.

Adel Imam has Alzheimer’s disease

The latest rumors of the death of the mighty artist, Adel Imam, came out during the month of last September, during which activists emphasized the deterioration of his health and that he had Alzheimer’s disease and did not remember well those around him even from his children, to bring out his brother, the great producer Essam Imam, and Sehi denied the news circulating in More than an intervention and statement, stressing that his older brother is in good health and there is no truth to what some have said about his Alzheimer’s disease.

The truth about the death of the artist, Adel Imam

The brother of the artist, Adel Imam, said, during a telephone interview with him on the “On My Responsibility” program: “I still left Adel for half an hour, after I stayed with him for 3 hours. We talked about many things and laughed. Sitting with the leader is not without laughter, Adel.” He said, “Why are you, Issam, responding to them?” I told him, “I must respond, because they say that you have Alzheimer’s.” He said, “They did not kill me 5 or 6 times before, so we will say what.”

Producer Issam Imam said, at the conclusion of his speech: “There are calls from European countries to reassure the leader, and I say to all people, that he is like the perfect and perfect.” The artist, Adel Imam, replied in an audio recording of him, saying: “Perfect, thank God. Well, what do I respond to? Likewise, I told this story once while I was cold about these needs, with my children and grandchildren, happy, meaning, praise be to God.”

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