After obliging him to pay 21,000 pounds sterling to his two sons… a surprise in Ahmed Ezz’s income

in A new ruling in favor of the artist Zina against the artist Ahmed EzzYesterday, Tuesday, an Egyptian court ruled that the artist, Ahmed Ezz, should pay 20,552 pounds sterling, equivalent to 600,000 Egyptian pounds, tuition fees for his twins from the artist Zina, Zain El Din and Ezz El Din.

And the Temporary Matters Court had ruled to reject the lawsuit filed by the artist Ahmed Ezz, in which he demanded that the two children of the artist, Zina, be transferred from the British School to another school with lower fees.

Zina and Ahmed Ezz

Zina and Ahmed Ezz

A terrifying number in the millions

In this regard, Moataz Al-Dakr, the lawyer of the artist Zina, indicated that Ahmed Ezz For the past year alone, he received 23,157,894 Egyptian pounds from his artistic and advertising works, pointing out that this is what the mobile company sent to him in exchange for his participation in its advertising campaign.

This is in addition to another advertising campaign, from which he received 8 million pounds, in addition to the movie “Kira Wal Jinn”, for which he received an amount of 4 million 22 thousand and 400 Egyptian pounds, in addition to the movie Al-Arif, for which he received an amount of 3 million 312 thousand and 900 pounds, in addition to the work Another technician received 4 million pounds for him during the current year 2022 only.

It is noteworthy that last year the court of first instance obligated Ezz to pay a monthly alimony of 30 thousand pounds to his two sons, and the family courts witnessed, over the course of 9 years, conflicts between the artist Ahmed Ezz and Zina, and they did not stop until now, between the family court in Nasr City and the complex Fifth Settlement Courts, multiple sessions.

Genealogy crisis

Social media witnessed a state of controversy, when the artist Zina announced in 2014 that she married the artist Ahmed Ezz in June 2012, and gave birth to their twins Zain El Din and Ezz El Din in October 2013, but Ezz denied that.

On the twenty-fifth of June 2015, the judiciary resolved the crisis that occupied public opinion for 18 months, and decided to prove the lineage of the two children of the artist Zina to the artist Ahmed Ezz, as the Family Court in Nasr City ruled to prove the lineage of the artist Zina’s twin to the artist Ahmed Ezz as their father, after he exceeded the age of the two children. A year and a half, and the ruling included the executive formula.

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