After she tried to deny his wife, a mother who doubted her teenage daughter put a secret surveillance camera in her bedroom.. In the morning, she discovered a shocking and unthinkable thing that turned gray!

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Obviously, it’s not normal to put a camera in your child’s bedroom. However, this American mom, Ashley LeMay, chose to buy one and hang it in her daughters bedroom.

medical concerns
Ashley LeMay lives with her husband and four daughters in Mississippi. Kids love to party dress up, play and run around the house. However, the family faces problems.

One of the girls has a very bad medical history. The little girl, who is only four years old, sometimes has seizures that resemble strokes. the purchase

This was also the reason why LeMay chose to buy the camera. The mother often had to work in the evenings and preferred to watch her daughters in her absence.

So once they saw the camera on sale on Black Friday, they didn’t wait a single second. A strange twist Once the camera was installed, something happened that they didn’t expect. Their eight-year-old daughter Alyssa, who shares a bedroom with her two sisters, heard some strange noises coming from the bedroom and decided to take a look.

As soon as she entered the room, Alyssa heard a strange male voice. The eight-year-old went looking for the sound.

She searched the teddy bears and dolls scattered all over the room. Then the strange voice started screaming and shouting strange things, much to Alyssa’s panic.

step forward
The voice changed to a calm melody. Then he turns again into a voice trying to persuade the girl to say horrific things about her mother.

The hacker makes matters worse by encouraging the eight-year-old to turn the house upside down.

When the hacker says it’s her worst nightmare, Alyssa panics and leaves the room.
Contacting the Manufacturer Finally, Ashley learns what happened to her daughter. She watched the video on the app that came with it and ran home as fast as she could after hearing the strange sound.

The family decided to contact the manufacturer after realizing that the hacker was targeting young children.

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