After the appearance of Amr Diab with a ring.. Naglaa Badr: “The first one to wear a ring in

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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

The artist, Naglaa Badr, commented on the appearance of Amr Diab’s “Hadaba” with “Earth”, in pictures that were recently circulated to him, through social networking sites, from his concert in Turkey.

Naglaa Badr wrote, through her personal Facebook account: “What if we read that no one will say that you are ignorant? The first people to wear earrings or earrings in all of history are men, not women.”

She added, “And this is what was found in Persepolis, in ancient Persia 515 BC, to distinguish between slaves and masters, as well as sailors. They wore earrings indicating that this sailor had circumnavigated the world or the equator. There were no women sailors.”

And she continued: “By the way, earrings or two earrings were found in the tomb of Tutankhamun, and he was a man and was not like that, and you do not have a second opinion. I mean, women are the ones who imitate men, you ignorant people.. Are you shocked, right? I mean, you take the idea from them.” And you insult them if they wear earrings!, There are strange things on them, my brother, and then if they wear earrings, this is annoying, and you and he are not in what.

The artist, Amr Diab, again sparked a state of controversy, after the pioneers of the communication sites shared pictures and video clips from the wedding he recently performed in Turkey.

Amr appeared in photos and videos, wearing a ring in the ear for the fourth time, and previously sparked controversy, last year, when he appeared wearing the earring, at the concert he performed in cooperation with a mobile company, after the release of the album “Sahran”.

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