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After the death sentence.. 6 stations in the trial of the killer of the student Salma in Sharqia

The Zagazig Criminal Court wrote the final word in the trial of the accused of killing the student Salma Bahgat, the girl of the Sharqiya, after his death sentence after taking the opinion of the Mufti.

The case passed since its occurrence until the defendant was referred to the Mufti, with a number of important stations, perhaps the most prominent of them..

The first stop… the occurrence of the crime

On August 8, 2022, the accused, Islam Muhammad, committed the crime inside a property in Zagazig while the victim, Salma Bahgat, went to the newspaper in which she was training..

The second station… Referring the accused to the Mufti

On August 11, 2022, the Public Prosecution referred the accused to felonies on charges of premeditated premeditated murder of the victim, Salma Bahgat..

The third station.. Look at the first sessions

On September 4, the Zagazig Criminal Court considered the first session of the accused’s trial..

The fourth station.. witness statements

In the second court session of the accused, which was held on September 6, the court heard the psychiatrist treating the accused 3 years before the incident, and after that session, the court decided to place the accused in a mental hospital to verify his strength..

Fifth stop.. Referral to the Mufti

In the session held on 3 October, the Criminal Court heard the arguments of the Public Prosecution and the Defense, and decided to refer the accused to the Mufti for opinion on his execution.

Sixth station… the death sentence

On November 7, 2022, the Criminal Court wrote the final word on the execution of the accused after consulting the Mufti.

The events of Case No. 7730 of 2022 Criminal Division Zagazig First Division dated back to August 8, when the security services received a report from the Police Rescue Service, of the death of a girl at the entrance to a residential property in the Zagazig First Division. The accused was referred to the Public Prosecution, which ordered that he be imprisoned in Zagazig Criminal Court.

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