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After the heavy rains, the meteorologist announces the date for the improvement of the weather condition

09:59 PM

Wednesday 26 October 2022

Books – Mahmoud Mustafa Abu Taleb:

The Meteorological Authority announced that the weather conditions will improve starting tomorrow, Thursday, with the accumulation of some clouds that may be accompanied by light rain in separate areas due to the increased humidity.

And she explained in a statement, today, that the opportunity is ready for the watery mist in the early morning, and the atmosphere remains hot during the daytime hours in the north of the country, nice at the beginning of the night, tending to cold at the end.

She pointed out that in many governorates during the past 48 hours, rains of varying intensity and thunder and lightning sounded in many areas, due to the extension of the Red Sea depression, which pushed large amounts of moisture and helped create clouds and rain in this way.

Meteorologists expected Thursday’s weather to be hot during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and northern Upper Egypt, moderate on the northern coasts, hot on southern Sinai and southern Upper Egypt, pleasant at the beginning of the night, and cold at the end in all parts.

The authority stated that there will be water mist and light rain in areas of Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern and eastern coasts, and northern Upper Egypt at intermittent periods, and sunny in southern Upper Egypt.

She pointed out that the state of the Mediterranean Sea is light to moderate, and the wave height in it is from one to one and a half meters, and the surface winds are northwesterly.

The state of the Red Sea will be light to moderate, with a wave height of one meter to 1.75 meters, and northwesterly surface winds.

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