After the news of his signing for Zamalek appeared, Al-Khatib’s first fiery decision regarding “Najm Al-Ahly”

Media reports appeared recently and talked about the existence of negotiations that took place between the Zamalek administration and the Al-Ahly star, in preparation for convincing him to terminate his contract with the Red Castle and move towards the ranks of the White Knight during the upcoming summer transfer market, which sparked a state of controversy among the ranks of Al-Ahly fans. , Some began to demand the administration to resolve the matter and reveal the truth of this news.

Did Al-Ahly star sign his transfer contracts to Zamalek?

An informed source inside the Al-Ahly club stated that all the news that talks about the existence of negotiations between Zamalek and Al-Ahly player “Mohamed Sharif” are baseless rumors, stressing that the player has a desire to continue within the ranks of the Red Castle and does not aspire at all to leave the club. in this period.

The source explained that Sharif had received more than one offer from German and French clubs, but the player preferred to stay in Al-Ahly club and stressed his happiness to be in the ranks of the Red Devils, so how does he enter into negotiations with the Zamalek administration after all this?

Al-Ahly’s position on Muhammad Sharif

In the same context, press reports confirmed that Al-Ahly club had taken its decision regarding renewing the player’s contract, “Mohamed Sharif” and increasing his salary, at the request of Swiss coach Marcel Koehler, who confirmed that the Al-Ahly striker has great potential that makes him among the best in his position in the Egyptian League. .

The journalist, “Mohamed Shabana”, spoke in media statements via the Box to Box program on the ETC channel, and said that Al-Ahly wants “Sharif” to continue for as long as possible inside the Red Castle, and therefore the new contract may be for a full 5 years and is subject to renewal.

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