Agreement at the Climate Summit for the management of construction waste in the industrial zone in Sokhna

Walid Gamal El-Din, head of the General Authority for the Economic Zone of the Suez Canal, witnessed the signing of a cooperation agreement between El Sewedy Industrial Development, Geocycle Egypt and Lafarge Egypt, with the aim of managing construction and infrastructure waste, as well as managing industrial waste immediately after the start of manufacturing work in the “Sukhna 360” project, within the Suez Canal Economic Zone. This is in line with the objectives of the economic zone to stimulate and support sustainable development projects and green transformation, especially with the launch of the first green hydrogen projects in the region.

The agreement aims to manage the waste from investors’ factories in the industrial zone, and to provide environment-friendly building materials, whether cement or concrete. This promising cooperation is a major and necessary step in achieving a green transformation in support of national and global trends in this regard.

Cooperation agreement for the management of construction waste

After the signing, Walid Gamal El-Din, head of the Suez Canal Economic Authority, said that the project extends to an area of ​​10 million square meters to meet all the needs of manufacturers and investors. Square.

He stressed that the project works on two main axes, namely, the localization and export of industries on the one hand, and the promotion of environmental sustainability on the other hand, whereby factory and construction waste will be managed and disposed of using the latest and safest global methods for the environment.

For his part, Eng. Mohamed Al Kammah, CEO of El Sewedy Industrial Development Company, said that this cooperation would support the sustainability vision of the “Sukhna 360” project, which achieves an attractive investment return equation with a positive impact on the surrounding communities and environment, adopts the environmental aspect and contributes to carbon neutral and zero emissions initiatives; It is one of the most important sustainable development goals in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030 and the Energy Strategy 2035.”

Engineer Adham Al-Mahdi, General Manager of Geocycle Egypt, stressed the importance of activating the company’s role in transforming green and reducing plastic pollution and carbon impact, by supporting the various industrial sectors in adopting safe and sustainable mechanisms for managing and correct disposal of their industrial waste for a better environment, which will benefit the economy. and contributes to transforming Egypt into a regional center for sustainable waste management.

Walid Gamal El-Din, head of the Suez Canal Economic Authority, witnesses the signing of the agreement
Walid Gamal El-Din, head of the Suez Canal Economic Authority, witnesses the signing of the agreement

He indicated that once the Sokhna 360 project is completed, the company will contract with the region’s factories to manage and dispose of various industrial waste in an environmentally safe manner, through three sorting stations, a common pre-treatment platform, as well as final shared disposal facilities in Lafarge’s cement kilns.

In this regard, Jimmy Khan, CEO of Lafarge Egypt, expressed his happiness to sign this fruitful cooperation with El Sewedy Industrial Development, saying: “We at Lafarge Egypt believe in the importance of our role in building sustainable cities, through our innovative and environmentally friendly building materials solutions, based on Our strategy is based on the axes of Egypt’s Vision 2030, which is in line with the company’s strategy, which will provide sustainable construction solutions for all factories in the project, whether environmentally friendly cement products, as well as the foundations of the project from environmentally friendly concrete that reduce carbon emissions.

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