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Ahmed Masoud: I did not imagine leaving Al-Masry in this way

He expressed Ahmed Masoud The goalkeeper of the Egyptian club, expressed his great sadness at his departure from the club during the current winter mercato, after the termination of the contract by mutual consent between the two parties.

Masoud said on the “Sabah On Time” program: I did not imagine that I would leave Al-Masry in this way. The Al-Masry Club is a great team and I, Amr Moussa and Farid Shawky are old people who have a history in the club, but the technical staff sees that it does not need me during that period and it is a destination. Look respectful, and I will never speak in an inappropriate manner about anyone.

He added: The departure of 10 players at the beginning of the season is a point of view, whether from the administration or the technical staff, just as the player came with respect and left with respect. I removed the team for years with my old colleagues, and I did not imagine leaving in this way.

And he continued: The board of directors was sad about my departure in this way and preferred that I go out on loan, but I refused this, and the old players do not deserve to be dealt with in this way.

And he continued: There was talk about my departure as part of a reciprocal deal with the Ismaili, but I refused. I wanted to have value for myself. The Ismaili is a great team and its fans are respected and I wish to be with him, but until now I have not decided my next destination and within 3 or 4 hours things will become clear.

And he concluded: I thank the Al-Masry fans for their support for me throughout my time with the team, and I wish them success. I spent a distinguished period in the club, I played in Africa and reached the final of the cup, and I thank the technical staff, but I did not expect to deal in this way.

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