Akram Tawfik: I received offers from England and Italy… and Al-Ahly made the decision

Akram Tawfiq, Al-Ahly’s first team player, confirmed that he received foreign offers before he was injured, noting that the Red Castle administration will be the one who will decide his fate.

Akram said in official statements published this evening, Wednesday: “AHe wanted external professionalism, but I will not leave without Al-Ahly’s approval, and that there be a state of complete satisfaction from the officials and the fans before I leave the club.”

And the right-back of the Red Genie added: “I will not be premature .. I focus with Al-Ahly, but the ambition of professionalism remains for me.”“.

He continued, “I received foreign offers before the injury, both from Europe, specifically Italy and the English Premier League, as well as offers from Gulf clubs.”

And he continued, “But I assure once again that I will not leave Al-Ahly without the club’s approval, and everyone will be in my “back” during this step.“.

Akram stressed that any team in the world suffers a drop in level, and Al-Ahly fans always want the team in the lead, and that as players they always talk about achieving their ambitions to win titles and make the club’s fans happy..

He continued: “All the team is men who fight for the club and the fans. In the training, everyone wants to participate and “we die” to be present and appear in the image that Al-Ahly fans desire.“.

Akram Tawfiq concluded his speech by thanking Al-Ahly fans for their support for him, as he said: “Al-Ahly fans are always in my back.” “.

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