Akram Tawfik: Kohler is a “bashful” coach, but in his work “Mary”

“Mufasa” is one of my favorite titles… and I received offers from Italy and England
I asked to postpone my participation at the end of last season .. and the club’s fans are always “in my back”

Akram Tawfiq, Al-Ahly’s first football team player, stressed the players’ determination and determination to regain the local league and African Champions League titles, and that they will fight on the field to achieve this, and will not spare a single sweat point to achieve the aspirations of the fans and draw a smile on their faces, and win all tournaments in the period coming.

golden opportunity

Akram Tawfiq said in an interview with the official Al-Ahly club website that the team’s friendly experiences during the preparation period for the new season are a golden opportunity for him to test his return to the stadiums after a long period of absence from participation; Because of the injury he suffered with the national team in the African Nations in Cameroon earlier this year.

Al-Ahly’s right-back explained that he participated in group training before the end of last season, and the former Portuguese coach, Ricardo Suarez, wanted to participate in the last three matches in the Premier League.

He said: “I asked Swaris to postpone my return until I play friendly matches and participate gradually; Because any player in my position always has a state of anxiety after returning from a strong injury that needs a long time to recover, especially as I seek to return and participate with the team in the way that appeared before the injury.”

He stressed that the absence of half of the basic strength of any team is influential in official matches, and this is normal, and any player participating in Al-Ahly is always up to confidence and responsibility.

Marcel Kohler

Tawfik talked about Marcel Koller, the new coach of the team, and his relationship with the players. He was injured and has been absent from official matches for a long time.

He added: “Beautiful coach Koehler meets everyone with a smile, but in his work, as they say, “Mary” in terms of seriousness and commitment, and I hope that the team and the device will be as trustworthy as the fans and all fans and members of the club during the new season, and we return to the podiums crowning titles.”

The right-back of Al-Ahly confirmed that the psychological treatment of the coach is a distinguishing point with the players; To bring out their best, whether in training or matches.

New season and deals

Tawfiq stressed that the next season will witness a change in Al-Ahly’s form, after the players get a period of rest that they desperately need; As a result of the pressure of the continuous matches for three years, in addition to the role of new deals with the team and their rapid fusion and brilliance within the club in the coming period.

The Al-Ahly player talked about the new deals, stressing that they will receive all support, and that any player who wears the Al-Ahly shirt is up to the responsibility and wished them success with the team.

Regarding the competition in the right-back position, Akram Tawfiq said: “There are those who compare the players in the positions, but in principle the competition is always honorable in all positions, which is in the interest of the team in general, and any player who participates does not skimp on the club and its fans. With one point of sweat, and on a personal level, I hope to quickly return to the level I showed before the injury.”

The nickname “Mufasa”

Tawfik spoke about the nickname “Mufasa”, stressing that this nickname was given to him by Pitso Mosimane, the former coach of the team, and that he watched the movie The Lion King and admired the title.

Al-Ahly’s right-back moved to talk about the African Champions League and the team’s launch in the new season, saying: “Al-Ahly is always the first competitor in any tournament in which it participates, and this is not new to Al-Ahly. In the last three years, the team won the African Champions League twice and lost the final version. And all I can say is that we will fight to regain the African title and all the titles.” ?

League restore

Tawfiq pointed out that the large number of teams competing at the top of the Premier League gave the championship a new character, stressing that Al-Ahly players will do their best to restore the popular championship.

Al-Ahly player praised the level presented by the young players during their participation with the team, pointing out that they appeared at a distinguished level with the club, and they are the future of Al-Ahly with the rest of the team and the owners of experience, stressing that any player must appreciate the value of the Al-Ahly shirt.

professional ambition

Akram Tawfiq talked about another desire that he is looking to achieve, which is external professionalism, saying: “I want to be professional outside, but I will not leave without Al-Ahly’s approval, and that there will be a state of complete satisfaction from the officials and the fans before I leave the club, and I will not be premature .. I focus with Al-Ahly.” But the ambition of professionalism remains for me.”

He added, “I received foreign offers before the injury, whether from Europe, specifically Italy and the English Premier League, as well as offers from Gulf clubs, but I assure once again that I will not leave Al-Ahly without the club’s approval and everyone will be in my “back” during this step.”

“We die”

Al-Ahly’s right-back stressed that any team in the world is subject to a drop in level, and the fans of Al-Ahly always want the team in the lead, and that as players they always talk about achieving their ambitions to win titles and make the club’s fans happy.

He continued: “All the team is men who fight for the club and the fans. In the exercise, everyone wants to participate and “we die” to be present and appear in the image that Al-Ahly fans desire.

Akram Tawfiq concluded his speech by thanking the Al-Ahly fans for their support for him and said: “Al-Ahly fans are always “in my back”, I see what makes me happy from them, and their continuous calls for me, and I thank my family for their support for me, and I hope that I will return again and be at the best of everyone’s expectations.” ?

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