Al-Ahly apparatus begins distributing the loads based on the results of the physical measurements of the players

The keenness of the technical staff for the people Led by Marcel Kohler, the distribution of physical loads on the red team players according to the results shown by the results of the physical measurements that the players underwent at the beginning of the pre-season period, which the technical staff was keen to undergo in order to stop the medical condition of each player and his physical level.

The program set by Tiziane Andreas Andoia includes the Al-Ahly loads scheme to distribute the loads to the players at different levels according to the physical condition of each player, so that the exercises are eased for a particular player suffering from a strain in the back, front or connective muscle, or the measurements showed that he is threatened with a muscle injury during A certain time period, other than that the technical staff made sure that all players were subject to physical measurements, including the new deals that were concluded recently and did not exist on the day specified for the physical measurements of all players at the beginning of the preparation period.

Koller is keen to hold sessions with the team players individually, in order to gradually get to know them, and learn some of their matters, whether on the field or outside, and Koller talks with each player individually on the sidelines of the training that Al-Ahly is currently engaged in at Touch Stadium in order to get closer to the players And inquire about some of the things that the new Swiss coach believes will benefit him in his mission with the red genie.

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