Al-Ahly reassures the condition of the injured quintet during the suspension of the league

The medical staff of Al-Ahly, headed by Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, is reassuring the condition of the injured quintet, Ali Maaloul, Amr Al-Sulayya, Hussein Al-Shahat, Yu Diang and Rami Rabea, in order to know their health condition and the date of their recovery from the injury that caused them to be excluded from the list of the last Al-Ahly match against the Interior within the round competitions. The second of the age of the Premier League competition.

Ali Maaloul and Hussein Al-Shahat were absent due to their complaint of a cold, although the first had recovered and participated in the team’s training yesterday, Thursday, while Amr Al-Soulia complained of pain in the front muscle, while Rami Rabea suffered a bruise in the back that kept him from the list of the internal match, while Alyo suffers Diang from a hamstring muscle strain, and the medical system determines the medical program for Soliya and Diang, while the position of the trio, Maaloul, Shahat and Rabia from participating in the exercises during the coming period, will be determined.

The Swiss coach, Marcel Kohler, Al-Ahly’s technical director, amended the positions of a number of the red team’s players, and did not commit to playing them in their regular positions in which they were performing before he came to Al-Ahly’s training at the beginning of the current season.

Kohler resorted to modifying the position of more than one player, such as Karim Fouad, who was participating as a right-back, but changed his position to play in the right wing position and succeeded during playing in his new position in scoring three goals and making two goals, and he starred strongly in his new position and won the title of man of the match for his team against the Interior .

Kohler also modified Hossam Hassan’s position, as he pushed him during the Al-Dakhiliya match in the center of the left wing, although his main position is an explicit striker, as he commented on this by his desire to involve the player in a different position in order to get a chance in light of his possession of 3 attackers and wants to give him the opportunity in a position Different.

Kohler also modified Bruno Savio’s position by relying on him in the playmaker positions, although he was better at playing on the left wing, before returning and pushing the player on the left wing as well, where the Brazilian player excelled in the two positions, and began to harmonize with the rest of his colleagues gradually. .

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