“Al-Ahly’s right is back” .. Al-Khatib kidnapped the signature of the Pyramids star and the Egyptian national team in the season’s deal

Media reports said this morning that Al-Ahly club had already managed to agree with one of the Pyramids stars to move to the ranks of the Red Castle during the upcoming summer transfer market, free of charge after the player’s contract with his current team expires next summer, meaning that the player will have the right to sign Al-Ahly club from next January, about six full months before the end of the contract, according to the laws of the International Federation.

Al-Ahly settles the contract with the Pyramids star

The journalist, “Moheeb Abdel Hadi”, blew a surprise of high caliber, after he talked about the fact that Al-Ahly club had completed its agreement with the Pyramids player, “Osama Jalal” in order for the latter to move to the ranks of the Red Devils during the next summer transfer market, that is, after the end of this season.

“Majeeb” explained that Al-Ahly officials have a good relationship with the player and his agent, and there is an intention to finalize the contract after the player’s contract officially ends with Pyramids next June, but the signing of contracts with Al-Ahly may be in the month of next January, that is, during the legal period The player is allowed to move to a new club without returning to his original club.

Al-Khatib supports the Kohler project

Responsible sources within the Al-Ahly club indicated that achieving the super title at the expense of Zamalek has made the officials of the Red Castle have great confidence in the Swiss coach, Marcel Koller, and it was agreed to fully support him during the upcoming winter transfer market, as well as in the upcoming summer Mercato, and from It is expected that Al-Ahly will settle at least two or three deals in the winter Mercato, which opens its doors next January.

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