Al-Ismaili puts the last frills on contracting with Nour Al-Zamouri

The Ismaili club’s board of directors, headed by Yahya El-Koumi, puts the final frills on the contract deal with Tunisian Nour El-Zaman Zemouri, the Tunisian Sfaxien defender, to strengthen the Dervish defense line in preparation for the new season.

Al-Zamouri arrived in Cairo to negotiate with Ismaili and complete the contracting procedures, after the Tunisian player welcomed the Dervish offer.

The Ismaili club officially announced the opening of the deals season in preparation for the new season by contracting with three foreign deals: Ghanaian Yao Anwar, Ivorian Abdelkader Coulibaly and Tunisian Hamdi El-Naqaz.

The Ismaili Council is looking forward to strengthening the ranks of the Dervishes with distinguished players who will be able to restore things to their rightful place and put the team in its natural position.

The preparation period for the Ismaili club’s first football team will start at 6 pm today, Tuesday, at its main stadium, Ismailia, as part of preparations for the local competitions.

Al-Ismaili preferred to extend the team’s rest period for more than 10 days, in light of their feeling of extreme fatigue after a long season.

The Professional Clubs Association had announced the start of the new league competitions in mid-October, with a larger audience than the last version.

Al-Ismaili finished the season in eleventh place with 38 points, after playing 34 matches, winning 9 matches, drawing 11 matches, losing 14 matches, scoring 27 goals and conceding 39 goals.

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