Al-Jamed arrived – Nisreen Tafesh swept Mai Omar in her naked dress

Beirut – Soraya Shaheen – Actress Nisreen Tafesh published new photos through her personal account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site.

Tafesh appeared in an elegant watermelon dress with ruffled fabric, defined on the side of the waist and exposed from one of the legs, which highlighted her grace and slender figure.

She was adorned with elegant jewelry, which consisted of large earrings and a ring in one hand, and she wore black high-heeled shoes.

From an aesthetic point of view, Nisreen Tafesh adopted a hairstyle that reflects her elegance and femininity,

Nisreen Tafesh

She left her brown tufts of hair hanging loosely over her shoulders.

She chose a soft make-up inspired by earthy colors, where she applied a blush eyeshadow combined with beige and black mascara, highlighting the beauty of her features, and decorated her cheeks with a brown blusher and a brick lipstick.

Nisreen Tafesh commented on her post, saying: “When you judge others, you do not evaluate them, but you evaluate yourself.”

Aleppo in 1982, and moved to the Syrian capital, Damascus, in 1999, and graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus in 2008.

“Tafesh” began acting in the series “Rabee of Cordoba”, to then participate in many series such as: (Men Under the Fez, Spring of Cordoba, People of Love, Echo of the Spirit, Mirage, Sabaya, Cactus Alliance), also has many plays such as ( Wedding, wandering, such a coup).

Nisreen Tafesh participated in Ramadan with a group of great artists in the series “Al-Maddah”, they are: Hamada Hilal, Ahmed Badir, Hanan Suleiman, Donia Abdel Aziz, Khaled Sarhan, Mohamed Ezz, Amr Ramzy, Mohsen Mansour, Gamal Abdel Nasser.

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