Al Sharqiya Waters: The activities of the water convoy activities began in the center and city of Hahya in cooperation with the air scouts and guides

Engineer Amer Kamal Abu Halawa, head of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Company in the Eastern Province, announced the start of the activities of the water convoy in the center and city of Hahya, in cooperation with the air scouts and guides, the Sharkia Governorate branch, to provide drinking water and sanitation services to the people of the city of Hahya.

He pointed out that consolidating the mental image of rationalization among children is an important factor for influencing, as they are able to absorb awareness ideas, and this is a great responsibility to establish a new generation that has a wide culture of water issues, in addition to educating young people on the correct behaviors in dealing with drinking water and rationalization and optimal use. to sanitation networks and the need to focus on launching more effective awareness campaigns away from the concept of awareness in its traditional image and towards interactive activities to change behaviors through participation to gain correct information.

He added, that the laboratory and quality control sector team pulled samples of drinking water from several areas in the village for analysis and to reassure citizens of the quality of drinking water.

He said: “The activities of the convoy included the presence of customer service officials in the city of Hahya to activate communication with our customers and reach the level of distinguished service to provide the best to the citizen, identify the problems of citizens living in the area and work to solve them, and pay bills.”

For her part, Dr. Mai Ezzat Mustafa, Director General of Awareness and Community Participation, said that the convoy covered many different cultural and artistic activities, including drawing and coloring workshops on water conservation behaviors, a puppet theater to present the story of water conservation (Salma’s story) and recreational games aimed at identifying Correct behaviors such as snake and ladder game, important in the fourth floor, spread your information, wheel of fortune, treasure information, and various competitions, in addition to plumbing education workshops for mothers to learn about hidden plumbing techniques to maintain sanitary ware at home.

It is worth mentioning that the convoy comes within the framework of implementing the company’s policy in developing the citizen’s cultural awareness of water issues, and emphasizing the need to rationalize its consumption and preserve it for future generations.

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