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Al-Sisi: The salaries are tiring and less than 10 thousand pounds, they do not live

02:41 PM

Tuesday 25 October 2022

Books – Mohamed Emara and Ahmed El Saadawi:

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said, speaking to the attendees of the economic conference, “God Almighty, you do not see the generosity of our Lord, what… So Solomon understood it, these are the ports in which I speak, I tell you, come with me. We may or may not share the contract; But my right to take the port my way.

Al-Sisi added, during the closing session of the Economic Conference Egypt-2022, today, Tuesday: On the issue of electricity, people in Europe know that I am in Egypt offering electricity to 17 million subscribers for less than half its price, and then you tell me to help me, if I can help everyone, I will try to clear the issue Most beneficial to investors.

President Sisi added: The need and fifty thousand international schools, there are no young people next to the school who enter and help the Minister of Education, and fear with the group and help. You are working on a port with a value of 40 billion pounds.. I must be balanced, other than eating and drinking, and I will spend it on Hodeidah. The current route is greater than any limit. I have to work on all sectors of the state. Can someone tell me that I am interested in iron and cement, medicine and people? interested in it all.

Al-Sisi continued: Someone tells you that they are making private universities in order to give them to the rich, I am making a path at a lower cost in order to improve education, to get rid of ugliness in everything.

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