Alexandria Refining and Petrochemicals signs a contract to raise the energy efficiency of the steam production boiler

In implementation of the directions and strategy of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources for optimal utilization of the available capabilities, infrastructure, continuous development of petroleum refineries and value-added industries, and the implementation of a plan for integrated solutions to reduce emissions, the Alexandria National Refining and Petrochemical Company (ANRPC), one of the petroleum sector companies, today signed a complementary contract with a consortium of companies Mitsubishi Power Germany and Mitsubishi Power Egypt to raise the energy efficiency of the 100-ton boiler to produce all kinds of steam needed for the production process. In June, ANRPIC had signed a contract with the same alliance to start a project to change the fuel system used in the same boiler by replacing the use of natural gas as fuel with hydrogen blue.

The chemist Salah Jaber, President of ANRPIC, one of the petroleum sector companies, explained that this project contributes to increasing the efficiency of energy use, which is one of the main objectives of the petroleum sector, in addition to improving the reliability of the time cycle and the operational conditions for the performance of equipment, which contributes to reducing the period and costs of periodic maintenance. Raising the efficiency and continuity of production and preserving the environment by reducing emissions, and that the project is scheduled to be completed and operated in 2023.

Eng. Hisham Hassan, Regional Director of Mitsubishi Power in North Africa, and representative of the alliance, expressed his pride in the renewable partnership with the leading national company, ANRPIC in Egypt, to provide it with technical solutions capable of supporting its plan to raise the efficiency of current thermal energy systems, reduce emissions, and provide a strong and reliable infrastructure. and flexible for energy.

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