Algeria hope? Cameroon threatened to be excluded from the World Cup because of the shirt!

It seems that the exclusion of Cameroon from the World Cup and the possibility of this actually happening is an issue that resonates with the Cameroonians themselves, and has a judicial point of view as well!

When the shirts of the participating teams in the World Cup were announced on the official FIFA account without announcing the Cameroon shirt, many questions arose, and the Algerian dream came back again to participate in the World Cup, especially since Cameroon qualified at the expense of Algeria for the World Cup.

With regard to this problem, it has We confirmed to you in “Goal” that there is a dispute between the Cameroonian federation and Le Coq Sportif, the shirt manufacturerSamuel Eto’o terminated the contract with the French side, and contracted him weeks before the start of the World Cup with the American company One All Sports, which caused a judicial confusion due to the jurisdiction of French law to resolve disputes between the Cameroonian Federation and “Le Coque Sportive”.

Cameroonian lawyer Christian pomo Ntymbani, who is based in Paris and works in accordance with French law that calls for mediation between the two entities, because he believes that the matter may really lead to the exclusion of Cameroon from the World Cup, stressing in statements carried by the Cameroonian “Acto Cameron” website: “I would like to call on everyone to calm down. Full-scale understanding, French law resolves the dispute and it is a point that must be taken into account.”

He added: “I call on the two parties to sit down now and resolve the issue amicably or take a decision on the continuation of the partnership. The Cameroon Federation’s refusal to implement decisions imposed by French law relevant to the dispute could lead to the exclusion of Cameroon from the World Cup, and here the matter does not conflict with the issue of direct government intervention, FIFA is here.” It takes domestic judicial contracts into account.

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