All you need to know about Mahmoud Metwally’s injury and his absence from Al-Ahly and the national team

lose team Al-AhlyLed by the Swiss Marcel Koller, the efforts of his star, Mahmoud Metwally, the team’s defender, after he was excluded from the accounts of the Egyptian team due to a muscle injury, which we highlight in the following lines.

Q: What is the nature of Mahmoud Metwally’s injury?

A: The x-rays that Mahmoud Metwally underwent, the Egyptian national team player, confirmed that he had a strain in the posterior muscle after feeling pain in the muscle.

Q: Will Mahmoud Metwally join the friendship of the Pharaohs with Belgium?

A: No.. Metwally has been excluded from the national team camp, after making sure that he did not join the friendly Belgium tournament scheduled for November 18.

Q: What caused the disruption of Mahmoud Metwally’s career with Al-Ahly and the Pharaohs?

A: Metwally’s career with Al-Ahly was disrupted due to repeated injuries, most notably a torn hamstring muscle at the beginning of the 2019-2020 season, followed by a cruciate ligament injury, which left him out of action for several months.

Metwally also suffered a hamstring injury, in addition to the muscle injuries that followed him again, most notably a rupture of the connective muscle.

Q: How long is Mahmoud Metwally absent from the stadiums?

A: Mahmoud Metwally will be absent for a period of two to three weeks due to the strain of the hamstring muscle.

Q: What did Mahmoud Metwally do with Al-Ahly before the injury?

A: In total, Mahmoud Metwally participated in 33 matches with Al-Ahly in all tournaments, with a total of 2104 minutes of play. He did not score or make and received 2 yellow cards. He was crowned with the Red Genie in the League Championship once, the African Champions League once and the Local Super Cup twice, in addition to the bronze of the Club World Cup and the African Super once. .

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