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All you need to know about the cost of living allowance and the beneficiary groups.. Know the details

Last Tuesday, the House of Representatives finally approved a draft law submitted by the government deciding an exceptional cost-of-living allowance for employees addressed by the Civil Service Law and workers not addressed by it, by deciding a special grant for workers in public sector companies and the public business sector, and granting pensioners and their beneficiaries an exceptional grant, and in The following lines list the most important inquiries and questions about the bonus and their answers.

Q: Who benefits from this bonus?

A: The first article of the project included: Granting the employees who are subject to the provisions of the Civil Service Law promulgated by Law No. 81 of 2016, and the workers who are not addressed by it, an exceptional cost-of-living allowance of 300 pounds per month. The law, and this bonus is considered part of the complementary wages or the variable wages for each of them, as the case may be.

Q: What is meant by state employees and workers?

A: The second article of the draft clarified that what is meant by the employees and workers of the state in applying the provisions of the first article are: employees and permanent and temporary workers with comprehensive remunerations, and those with public positions and fixed link within the Arab Republic of Egypt whose financial appropriations are included in the budget and whose employment affairs are regulated by special laws or regulations , as well as employees of public service bodies and public economic bodies.

Q: Are business sector companies obligated to grant their employees this grant?

A: The third article obligates public sector companies and public business sector companies to grant their workers an exceptional grant, which is disbursed monthly from their own budget of 300 pounds, and this grant does not include the basic wage of these workers, and in cases where the total of any of them receives less than the wage The basic wages, bonuses and allowances of all kinds, occasions and other fixed and semi-fixed items, with the worker’s comprehensive wage, whatever its name, is less than 3000 pounds, after applying the exceptional grant stipulated in the first paragraph of this article, the worker’s income is increased monthly, equal to the difference between the total of what he receives and the amount of 3000 pounds..

Q: Are pensioners granted this grant?

A: According to the fourth article of the same law, pensioners or their beneficiaries are granted on the date of enforcement of this law an exceptional grant of 300 pounds / month, provided that the public treasury of the state bears the burden of the cost resulting from the application of the provisions of the first paragraph of this article, provided that the head of the authority issues The National Social Insurance is a decision regarding the rules for implementing the provisions of the first paragraph of this article. The provisions of the first paragraph of this article also apply to the pensioners or their beneficiaries on the date of enforcement of this law who are addressed by the provisions of the Law of Retirement, Insurance and Pensions for the Armed Forces promulgated by Law No. 90 of 1975.

Q: What is the role of the Minister of Finance in this allowance?

A: The sixth article regulates the role of the Minister of Finance in issuing the necessary decisions to implement the provisions of this law, and the role of the ministers, each within his jurisdiction, to issue the necessary decisions to implement the provisions of the third article of this law.

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