All you need to know about Tik ToK Now

Tik Tok is the latest app to add the dual camera feature, hoping to capitalize on the growing popularity of BeReal. In a blog post, TikTok announced a new feature called Now, which will send users daily notifications to take a photo or video using the front and back cameras.

“We are expanding our collection of creation tools as we continue to promote authentic, spontaneous communications on TikTok,” the company says in the post.

The new feature has its own dedicated tab next to the home button at the bottom of the app. Just like BeReal, users have to post their snap in time to see what friends have shared, and there is a time frame in which your post is “on time”. But unlike BeReal, TikTok adds the ability to post 10-second videos in addition to still photos, according to The Verge.

The company says it will be testing the feature over the coming weeks. In the US TikTok Now will be available in the main app. In other regions of the world, TikTok Now may become a separate app.

Other platforms are working on their own versions of BeReal – which themselves have been accused of copying a different, short-lived app. App investigators discovered IG Candid, an Instagram version that the company said was an internal prototype that had not been externally tested. Snapchat’s dual camera feature – which takes multiple photos but doesn’t send timed notifications – was announced in April and was finally introduced in late August.

TikTok’s attempt to cash in on BeReal’s popularity shouldn’t be shocking — the cycle of tech platforms tearing each other apart or adding similar features is never-ending. Perhaps the most surprising part about TikTok is that it has managed to beat Instagram.

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