Amal Zarq: “I was invited to the Kaaba, if the good of Al-Sharnoubi would be close to my daughter, even if it was bad.”

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Thursday 03 November 2022

Books – Wael Tawfik:

Actress Amal Rizk spoke about the scenes of her daughter Lama Kitkat’s separation from artist Mohamed El Sharnoubi, while she was hosting the “Kalam El Nas” program shown on MBC Egypt.

She said: “I was invited in the Kaaba if there is good that brings him closer, and if there is evil that keeps him away, and I wish her that our Lord will make her happy and guide her. drive him away.”

And she added: “I was on the plane, and Moni told me, I will tell you two news, one sweet and one monster. I want him in your back, and she closed the topic completely and I closed the topic completely completely.”

It is reported that the artist, Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, separated from Lama Kitkat, before announcing his association with the producer Sarah Al-Tabbakh, from whom he later separated.

On the other hand, Amal Rizk’s latest work is the play “Al-Madaq Alley”, starring Donia Abdel Aziz, Mohsen Mohieldin, Nihal Anbar, Karim Al-Husseini, Dia Abdel-Khaleq, Baha Tharwat, Abdullah Saad, Ahmed Sadiq, Hassan Al-Arabi, Sayed Abdel Rahman, Murad Fikri, Essam Mustafa , Ahmed Shoman, Ibrahim Ghannam, Hani Abdel Hadi, Saber Rami, dramatic vision and poetry by Muhammad Al-Sawaf, directed and reviews by Adel Abdo.

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