Amazon launches dedicated air freight service in India amid surging online sales

An executive said Amazon Launched a dedicated air cargo service in India, namely Amazon Airas it looks to expand and accelerate deliveries across one of its key markets amid fast-growing e-commerce sales.

Sarah Rhodes, vice president of Amazon Global Air, told Reuters that the company had invested in Indian freight company KwikJet to transport packages for Amazon exclusively through four major Indian cities, without specifying the size of the investment.

The move to use a dedicated shipping service will give Amazon tighter control over costs and flight schedules while reducing delivery times across a broad range of products, according to gadgets360.

“When we use a dedicated network and we have more transparency on cost, we control the negotiations and we drive the schedule to make sure we’re using the assets to the fullest, where we want the majority of shipments delivered in two days or less, Amazon Air allows that,” she said.

India is the third market, after the United States and Europe, where the company has launched Amazon Air The Seattle-based company, which began service in 2016 in the US, operates a network of more than 110 aircraft that fly to more than 70 locations around the world.

Rhodes confirmed that Amazon, the online retailer that competes with Wal-Mart Inc.-owned Walmart Inc., will expand its fleet based on the success of its aircraft.

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