An Arab crime on Egyptian soil.. the night of the slaughter of a Jordanian merchant inside a compound

09:09 PM

Monday 19 September 2022

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

“Will you return the money you owe when?” With a sharp tone and sparks flying from the eyes, two people demanded a food trader with Jordanian citizenship to return an amount owed to them, close to 30 thousand dollars, but their request was met by procrastination from the latter, so they only wrote the last line of his life in a bloody manner.

The day before yesterday, Major General Abdel Aziz Selim, Director of Giza Investigations, received a signal from the Emergency Police Department that the body of a dead man had been found inside his house in the Dar Misr compound in the Third October Police Department.

Major General Alaa Fathi, Director of Criminal Investigations in Giza, directed the urgent examination of the communication in coordination with the October Gardens Division and the Investigation Unit of the Third October Police Department.

Examination revealed that the body of a lesser merchant in his forties had a slit wound on the neck, fully clothed, and no signs of breakage or violence in the apartment door, indicating that the perpetrators entered legally.

A research team headed by Major General Ahmed Al-Watidi, Director of Criminal Investigation, examined the victim’s relationships, reviewed his latest observations, and unloaded the “outgoing – incoming” call log and surveillance cameras around the property in question.

In less than 24 hours, the investigations of Brigadier General Amr Al-Borai, head of the October Sector Investigation, concluded that a financial dispute between the victim and two others with Jordanian citizenship was behind the crime, and Capt. Muhammad Ghorab, the assistant investigation officer of the third of October, was able to seize them and the weapon used in the crime.

In front of the Director of Investigation, the two defendants confessed to the crime and accused the victim of defrauding, “Wanting to eat our money.” The necessary report was drawn up, and Major General Hisham Abu Al-Nasr, Director of Giza Security, referred it to the Public Prosecution for investigation.

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