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An audio recording of Sherine .. “I made a mistake, but by God Almighty, I am wronged.”

Since the entry of the Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab hospital for treatment Of drug addiction, last week, the rumors about it did not subside.

Her case caused pain to millions of her fans in Egypt and the Arab world, who began digging in the archives of her previous interviews what cooled their hearts, especially after her family announced that she would remain silent about the details in order to preserve her two daughters.

FAmong the videos that went viralAn audio recording of the owner of “Ali Bali” in which she confirms that she is being wronged.

I made a mistake

She also stressed in the intervention that spread like wildfire recently, that she had made a mistake unintentionally, speaking at the same time about a “conspiracy” that surrounded her.

The aforementioned clip was viewed more than two million and 600 thousand times on this page alone on Facebook.

Sherine with her daughter here

However, the recording is old, and it dates back to Shireen’s contact with a TV channel three years ago due to another problem, and therefore has nothing to do with what happened recently.

A search for the details of this recording revealed that it dates back to 2019, after she said at a party in Bahrain, “Whoever speaks in Egypt will be imprisoned,” only to return later, apologizing and clarifying what she meant.

Take drugs

mention that artist family Last week, she set off a huge surprise, announcing her admission to the hospital for drug addiction and drug abuse treatment.

Sherine with her brother Muhammad

Sherine with her brother Muhammad

While her brother and mother pleaded with everyone to save her from her ex-hussam Habib and producer Sarah El-Tabbakh, stressing that they were inciting her to use drugs.

The owner of “Ah Ya Lil” has been in successive crises since her divorce months ago, after a marriage that lasted from April 2018 to December 2021.

Sherine and Hussam Habib

Sherine and Hussam Habib

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