“An enjoyable evening” with Nabil El Gemayel, a plastic surgeon, on egybest 2023

EgyBest is one of the distinguished websites that includes a huge collection of foreign, Arabic, Indian and other films, so EgyBest is keen to upload the latest Arabic films in its library to enable its visitors to follow the most powerful series of modern Arab films after they are released directly in Egyptian cinemas, and not only that, but also The site works to provide the best quality for its display of sound and image purity, by providing more than one server that can be navigated until you find the required quality for the display.

egybest 2023 website to watch Nabil El Gemayel, a plastic surgeon

EgyBest has been able, in a short period since its inception, to win a large era of its followers, due to what the site offers in terms of the best quality of sound and image, in addition to a library of modern and varied films that can spend an enjoyable evening from the EgyBest website.

Film Nabil Gemayel plastic surgeon

The comedy film Nabil El Gemayel, Beautician, can be enjoyed through the new EgyBest website. The film stars the king of comedy, Mohamed Heneidy, and the Lebanese artist, Nour, along with a group of stars. About plastic surgery doctor Mohamed Heneidy, who through his clinic is exposed to many funny situations in a comical and suspenseful context.

It is worth noting that the film achieved great revenues during its showing last week, which approached the limit of 3 million pounds so far.

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