An image from a NASA astronaut that transmits the paths of stars in space

A NASA astronaut has captured star trails from space in a stunning image taken aboard the International Space Station. The station, known as the Dome, provides epic views of the universe.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, he set up his camera and left it to take a 15-minute image, and at the top of the image, the white lines show the curved paths of distant stars due to the rotation of the space station as it orbits the Earth.

star path

The Earth itself is seen in the lower half of the image, with orange streaks of city lights and countless blue dots, each representing a lightning strike from a storm below.

The image contains a green glow, known as atmospheric glow, that separates Earth from space, and its color is similar to the aurora borealis in the night sky, which most people know as the northern and southern aurora.

“The aurora is excited by electrons and other solar particles that descend into Earth’s magnetic fields, which is why you see them in the polar regions,” Pettit told Newsweek. “Air glow is everywhere on Earth, and particles in the upper atmosphere are excited by solar activity. “

Pettit also explained how astronauts find time to take pictures of the universe, saying: “Outside of normal working hours, you can do whatever you want, including sleep, eat and keep in touch with your family, and then you can spend that time photographing, If I can do two hours of photography a day, that’s a real pleasure.”

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