An Italian expert for “businessmen”: Egypt’s opportunity in agricultural manufacturing to increase exports

The Agriculture and Irrigation Committee of the Egyptian Businessmen Association held a meeting with the Italian market expert in vegetables and fruits, Renzo Perracini, to discuss the trends of agricultural production and consumption in Europe and Egypt’s opportunities to increase agricultural exports and to identify the volume of production of vegetables and fruits in Italy.

This meeting comes within the framework of the role of the committee and the Egyptian Businessmen Association in identifying Egypt’s opportunities to export to Italy and European markets in light of the rapid changes in global markets in the movement of trade and supplier chains.

Mostafa El-Nagary, head of the Agriculture Committee of the Egyptian Businessmen Association, said that Egypt has great opportunities to increase its exports of agricultural crops of vegetables and fruits to many European markets in the current global crisis, noting that the quantities exported last year amounted to 5 million tons, valued at $2.8 billion. .

Al-Najari pointed out, in a press statement, today, Sunday, the importance of transferring successful international experiences in the use of modern technology in agriculture and resettling them in Egypt, by working to create more cooperation with advanced countries in agriculture, including Italy, at the level of exchanging experiences in the fields of modern technologies. The incentive to increase productivity and reduce costs through programs and applications to rationalize water and pesticides, especially in export crops and crops that require strict European and international requirements for pesticide residues.

For his part, Renzo Peracini, an expert on Italian markets in vegetables and fruits, said that European markets, with the beginning of the Corona crisis, witnessed radical changes on the map of exports and agricultural production, especially with the global economic crisis and the Russian-Ukrainian war.

He pointed out that Spain became the first in exporting and producing vegetables, with exports of 13 billion dollars, compared to 5 billion euros in fixed exports, as a result of the problem of limited space in Italy and Spain’s competitiveness in cheap labor and the largest area.

He explained that the cost of production varies completely at the level of the geographical borders of the country itself and is determined by the sun’s rays and the cost of lower energy, which explains the orientation of all crops in the countries to the northern regions with the largest production, where energy is an essential element in productivity and maximizing the return.

The Italian expert pointed out the importance of countries reconsidering all elements of agricultural production with diversity in varieties, pointing out that the Netherlands developed apples at the expense of Italy due to the diversity of high-productivity varieties.

The Italian expert stressed that Egypt has a great opportunity in agricultural manufacturing to increase the added value on vegetables and fruits, as the global consumer trend of countries is currently based on “brands” for processed foods with added value, especially since e-commerce is active and acquired within a year a large percentage in the Italian market and at the level of markets European Union.

He pointed out that European markets are witnessing a large import movement of fruits, especially bananas, avocados and mangoes, which represent export opportunities for Egypt at the present time.

For her part, Valentina Peracini, director of the Italian Macfruit exhibitions for vegetables and fruits, pointed to the importance of the Egyptian participation in the Macfruit exhibitions specialized in vegetables and fruits and its impact on maximizing the value of exports, pointing out that she signed a cooperation protocol with the Egyptian Exporters Association with the aim of allowing Egyptian participation in the fortieth session of the exhibition, which is scheduled to be held. From 3 to 5 May next.

She explained that the exhibition, over the past two years, focused on the countries of the African continent because of its good opportunities to be present among 800 exhibitors, as it is the most famous in the world and is held annually in many regions in Italy, and showed quick results that contribute to the development of fruit cultivation and agricultural crops.

She added that the organizing company is based on building good relations with many countries and working to benefit companies in Africa from the exhibition by raising awareness of its importance in assisting exhibiting companies in organizing bilateral meetings and transferring experiences and integration between all participating parties, as it includes all industries and agricultural production requirements from companies Producers, packaging companies, companies specializing in agricultural machinery and equipment, among others.

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