Apple changed the battery percentage icon in iOS 16

Since the world got its first look at the re-introduced battery percentage indicator in iOS 16 at the beginning of last month, people have expressed strong opinions about the icon, regarding Apple could have done a better job with it.

In the current iteration, the icon remains persistent—only displaying a percentage—until your iPhone battery runs below 20 percent of its capacity.

According to Engadget, a design decision makes the indicator less useful than it should be because in most cases you need to look closely to see how much battery is left.

So Apple is working on an improved version of the code, with the company releasing the second beta of iOS 16.1 (via MacRumors).

Among other things, the update offers a tweak for the battery percentage indicator.

Rather than the icon only turning red when the iPhone battery charge drops below 20 percent, it will gradually deplete as the battery does, it’s simple and improves usability.

The second beta also includes a tweak to the lock screen.

When you plug your phone in to charge it, the battery percentage indicator will briefly appear above the time, bringing back a feature from iOS 15.

And on the iPhone 14 Pro, you’ll also see one appear inside Dynamic Island, the next version of iOS 16 that doesn’t have a release date yet.

We’ll also note that Apple can make additional tweaks to some of the changes in the second beta.

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