Apple introduces the emergency SOS feature via satellite for iPhone 14 this month

Apple’s new Emergency SOS satellite feature arrives for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models later this month, and iPhone 14 and 14 Pro owners in the US and Canada will be able to start using a satellite connection to help relay messages and location information to other services. emergencies when they are outside the cellular range, according to theverge technical report.

The service will be free for the first two years for new iPhone 14 and 14 Pro owners, and will rely on the phone’s antennas to connect to satellite frequencies. During its initial announcement of the service, Apple said it could take as little as 15 seconds to send a message with a clear view of the sky. You can also use the Find My app to share your location with friends and family.

The new emergency SOS feature over satellite is enabled by Apple’s partnership with Globalstar and a $450 million fund for satellite infrastructure, and this funding is part of Apple’s larger Advanced Manufacturing Fund that the company has used to produce iPhone glass using Corning and laser components for Face ID. Even covid test kits.

According to Apple, more than 300 Globalstar employees will support the new emergency SOS service via the new satellite, and when this feature is used, Apple says: “The message was received by one of 24 Globalstar satellites in low Earth orbit traveling at about 16,000 miles per hour.”

Apple didn’t detail when the new Emergency SOS satellite feature would appear later this month, but the company originally said it would be “available with the iOS 16 software update coming in November.”

Apple has already released iOS 16.1, and iOS 16.2 is currently in beta testing, and the code inside the beta version of iOS 16.1 also revealed that there may be a satellite SOS mode, so you might be able to learn about this new feature before you release it. You have to use it for real.

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