Apple releases an important security update for iPhone and iPad

After months of beta testing, Apple has finally released iOS 16 for iPhone devices, however, the tech giant has released another important update for iPhone devices – iOS 15.7 – and iPad OS 15.7 for iPad.

And if you are using iPhone 8 or later, you can either update to iOS 16 to get the new features or stay on iOS 15 with iOS 15.7 update. Meanwhile, if you have iPhone 8 or older that does not support iOS 16, it is highly recommended to update your iPhone Likewise, for iPad devices, Apple recommends installing iPad OS 15.7 for all users until the arrival of iPad OS 16.

The iOS 15.7 update comes a few weeks after the release of the emergency security update iOS 15.6. Faults related to Maps, MediaCentre, Safari, and more.

And iOS 15.7 security update is currently rolling out for iPhone 6S and later, iPod Touch (7th generation) Meanwhile, iPhone 8 and later models are also compatible with iOS 16.

Meanwhile, iPad OS 15.7 is available for all iPad Pro models, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad 5th generation and later, and iPad mini 4 and later. The release of iPadOS 16 has been delayed due to some issues with the new Phase Manager feature, So the big new update for iPads – iPadOS 16.1 – is expected to drop in October.

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