Apple unveils the fastest computer in the world. These are its specifications

The American giant “Apple” revealed the fastest computer in the world, and it contains the latest data processor that the company has reached, and its specifications exceed any other data processor that humans managed to invent and use in personal computers, according to Al Arabiya Net.

According to a report published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the new computer is six times faster and more powerful than previous models of “Apple” laptops, thanks to the latest data processor in the world that the company has put into this new computer.

And the company unveiled the new (MacBook Pro) a few days ago, which includes the fastest data processor used in a laptop in the world.

The new 14-inch and 16-inch computers are powered by (M2 Pro) and (M2 Max) chips, the tech giant’s internal chips that have replaced those made by Intel and used in all other non-Apple computers.

The M2 Pro has nearly 20% more transistors than the M1 Pro, twice the unified memory bandwidth of the M2, and is up to 20% faster than the CPU of the M1 Pro. While the M2 Max is the fastest in the world, with 10 billion more transistors than the M1 Max and more than three times as large as the M2.

The price of the 14-inch MacBook starts at $1,999, while the 16-inch model starts at $2,499.

And the newspaper “Daily Mail” said that Apple’s announcement of these computers last Tuesday came as a surprise to the market and observers, as “Apple” has four launch events in one year, as the first spring event is scheduled for next March when it launches iMac devices. ) and accessories.

“Only Apple builds SoCs like the M2 Pro and M2 Max. They deliver incredible pro-grade performance combined with industry-leading power efficiency,” Apple’s senior vice president of hardware technologies, Johnny Srouji, said in a statement.

With a more powerful CPU and GPU, support for a larger unified memory system, and an advanced media engine, the new devices represent an amazing evolution in the mobile computing world.

The M2 Pro is made up of 40 billion transistors, plus it features 200 GB of unified memory bandwidth and up to 32 GB of low unified memory.

And “Apple” says that the (MacBook Pro) equipped with (M2 Pro) is 40% faster than the (MacBook) equipped with (M1 Pro) and 80% faster than the (MacBook) equipped with a (Core i9) processor produced by Apple. intel”.

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