Arab artists have obtained Egyptian citizenship, the latest of whom is Razan Maghribi

The Lebanese actress announced Razan Maghrabi Recently, about officially obtaining Egyptian citizenship, where Razan Maghribi posted on her Twitter account a picture of the Egyptian passport and commented: “With pride, long live Egypt.” Expressing her happiness for being one of the few artists who received the honor of obtaining Egyptian citizenship, which is a dignity for anyone, and we reveal during this report the most prominent Arab artists who obtained Egyptian citizenship.

Hind Sabri

Hend Sabry is a Tunisian actress who obtained Egyptian citizenship after marrying Egyptian businessman Ahmed Al Sharif.

Samira Saeed

Samira Said, or as she is nicknamed “Diva”, is a Moroccan artist, who obtained Egyptian citizenship nearly 25 years ago at the time of her marriage to the Egyptian musician and composer Hani Muhanna, and the matter was not known to many people until her participation in the Egyptian presidential elections.

Karol Smaha

Carole Samaha is a Lebanese artist who obtained Egyptian citizenship since her marriage to Egyptian businessman Walid Mustafa and had a daughter from him. In many interviews, Carole Samaha expressed her happiness at obtaining Egyptian citizenship.


Jannat is a Moroccan singer who obtained Egyptian citizenship after her marriage to Egyptian lawyer Mohamed Othman Noaman, 5 years ago, and the matter became clear after she cast her electoral vote in the Egyptian parliamentary elections.

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